Stormvind Animationsläger 2016

Start:06.06.2016 10:00 h
End:08.06.2016 15:00 h

@ Yttermalax Skola

Sommarens bästa vecka!

Vill du pröva på att göra animation? Kom till animationslägret!
Vi gör figurer av plastilina-lera, skriver bildmanus och gör scenografier. Vi animerar på iPaddar.
Till animationen bandar vi in dialog, musik och ljudeffekter.
Vi avslutar på onsdag med premiärvisning av era kortfilmer!

Lägret riktar sig till ungdomar i åk 4-8.

Kursledare är Britt Kootstra och Arvid van der Rijt

Materialavgift 10€

anmälningar via mejl eller telefon 046 5561365 (Arvid)

ordnas med stöd av:
Malax Kommun, Regionförvaltningsverket i Västra och Inre Finland, och Centret för Konstfrämjande


Start:21.04.2016 12:00 h
End:24.04.2016 18:00 h

@ Svarta Huset, Stockholm

Filmverkstaden will participate in Supermarket 2016, which will be held at Svarta Huset in the center of Stockholm. Supermarket is, since 2007, the Nordic countries’ leading international art fair. It is an annual artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries. The aim is to provide a showcase for artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for networks in the Swedish and international art scene.

Filmverkstaden is delighted to present works by Patricia Rodas(FI), Dragos Alexandrescu(RO/FI) and Maciek Bączyk(PL). Their artworks are culturally focused and outwardly critical. Pointing on the destructive consequences for individuals, they depict personal perspectives on the shaded side of contemporary society through analogue photography and video.

Stormvind Workshop - Ljud-Maskin

06.03.2016 13:00 - 16:00 h


En Stormvind-workshop för dig som är i åldern 10-15.

Genom att koppla om och modifiera elektroniska kretsar, bygger vi ett instrument som genererar nya oväntade ljud. Många underliga ljud och nya instrument utlovas!
Ledarna är ljudkonstnärer Jari Suominen och Arvid van der Rijt.

Plats: Yttermalax Skola
Materialavgift: 10€

Anmäl dig via

Ordnas med stöd av Malax kommuns och Malax församlings jubileumsfond

Hand and Machine

06.02.2016 20:00 - 22:00 h

Filmverkstaden proudly presents

Hand and Machine – Films by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie (AUS)

Active in film since the late 1980s, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie have spent the past decade immersed in the materialist tradition of experimental filmmaking — work that tests the absolute limits of the medium itself. Drawing primarily on natural forms and environments as subject matter for their celluloid manipulations — an array of classic and novel in-camera, darkroom, printing, and editing techniques — Tuohy and Barrie create dynamic studies of form, structure, time, and pattern, an approach described as “cine-cubism.” The filmmakers are present and will show a series of 16mm films.

2009, 7 minuets, 16mm, Richard Tuohy
Iron-wood is an abstract visual exploration of the deeply fissured 'cog-like’ bark of the Australian tree Eucalyptus Sideroxylon – Red Ironbark.

2010, 8 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy
Flyscreen is a camera-less ‘rayogram’ film, made by layering fly-screen material onto raw 16mm film stock and then exposing to light. The sound heard is the optical sound of the images passing the 16mm optical sound head.

Seoul Electric
2012, 7 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie
A North Asian metropolis. Electricity wires draped like thick webs adorn the street scape. Explosive sparks of colour electrify the frame. Filmed in Seoul in black and white. Colourised during processing using coloured torch light.

Ginza Strip
2014, 9 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie
The Ginza of fable and memory. This is the first film I have finished using the 'chromaflex’ technique that we developed. This is a very much hands on colour developing procedure that allows selected areas of the film to be colour positive, colour negative, or black and white.

Etienne’s Hand
2011, 13 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy
A movement study of a restless hand. Made from one five second shot. Sound constructed from an old French folk tune played on a hand cranked music box.

Blue Line Chicago
2014, 10 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie
Architectural distortions of the second city.

On the Invention of the Wheel
2015, 14 minutes, 16mm, Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie
On man and machine. On the wheel upon which man turns and is turned. On 'homo mehanicus’ – 'machine man’.

Dot Matrix
2013, 16 minutes, 2 × 16mm, Richard Tuohy
Dot Matrix is dual 16mm film involving two almost completely overlapping projected images. The ‘dots’ were produced by photogramming sheets of dotty paper (used for manga illustrations) directly onto raw 16mm film stock. These dots were then contacted printed with ‘flicker’ (alternating black frames) creating strobing 'interruptions’ to the dots. The drama of the film emerges in the overlap of the two projected images of dots. The product they make is greater than the parts. The sounds heard are those that the dots themselves produce as they pass the optical sound head of the 16mm projector.

Chromaflex - 16mm

Start:06.02.2016 10:00 h
End:07.02.2016 18:00 h

CHROMAFLEX, a hands on 16mm filmworkshop with experimental/materialist filmmaker Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie from Australia.

A stunning new film processing technique for achieving colour, black and white, negative and positive all on the same 16mm film stock.

The Chromaflex workshop explores a new photo-chemical technique which allows selectively controlled negative and positive colour and black and white images on the same strip of film. What is more, the technique allows these selection decisions to be made in full light. This technique can generate areas of colour negative, areas of colour positive, areas of black and white, as well as areas of clear or black all on the one strip of film or indeed within the one frame. Further, as all colour work with this technique occurs in full light, it is possible to watch the colour chemistry working its magic in front of your eyes.
Various areas on the print can be selected to become positive colour, negative colour, be left black and white or processed as black or clear film. Those areas will be selectively covered with appropriate chemical blocking tape. Then the film is selectively bathed in an assortment of colour chemistry before removing the tape and bathing in more chemistry. This is a unique materialist film technique with many possibilities to investigate.

No experience necessary.
The Chromaflex workshop is equally interesting and inspiring to beginners and advanced experimental film practitioners.

€60 (Filmstock, chemicals and coffee/tea included)

Secure your spot at the workshop by sending an email to:

Xavier Quérel: Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit

23.01.2016 20:00 - 21:00 h

@ Soapfactory, Vaasa

Filmverkstaden will dive into 2016 headfirst with a great performance you don’t want to miss!
Entrance is free

Taking part in a performance of expanded cinema means giving oneself up to the synaesthetic experience, setting aside the traditional rules of film language and developing a receptive attitude, free of critical criteria… Light is the starting agent of this chain reaction, the projector its tool.

Come and sit on the margins of traditional rules of cinema. Of course the basics are present: light, shutter, sound, screen, eye, brain, imagination. But conventions are overturned. The device is reversed, the projector becomes an instrument and the projectionist plays live in front of you. “Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit” offers a unique experience. The precision of movements unfolds a universe on the edge, between dream and reality, intimacy and chaos. Celluloid teases you, wild and fleeting. Fluxus saturate. Suspension, fragile silence. Flashes wake, the mechanical devices scream.
Our retinas become unfaithful and let themselves drown in a pure and ephemeral moment.

Xavier Quérel is a filmmaker based in Grenoble active in different fields of experimental cinema focusing on performance with light and film. Quérel considers the cinema projector as an instrument. Applying his experience in improvisation, he has developed idiosyncratic techniques and ingenious manipulations allowing him to play with the spontaneity of a musician. He plays with “La Cellule d’intervention METAMKINE”, film/music performance based on improvisation, with Jérome Noetinger and Christophe Auger. He co-founded “L’Atelier MTK”, a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory for experimental cinema techniques.

Svart/Vit Fotokurs

29.11 // 6.12 kl 9.30-16.00

Vi går igenom teknik för analog fotografering
Fotografering ute under handledning
Du lär dig framkallning av s/v film i mörkrummet

Du lär dig hur man kopierar upp svart vita bilder och kan kopiera bilder från de negativ du fotograferade under första tillfället.

Vi avslutar med en kort presentation av fotografierna vi jobbat fram under kursen.

pris 45€ inkl. material och kaffe

Ingen förkunskap behövs

Anmäl dig via


18.11.2015 21:00 - 22:00 h

@ L’Alternativa, 22º Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona, Spain

Filmmakers worldwide are banding together to champion creative work on celluloid film.

Innovative creators and filmmakers are setting up and running independent film labs as creative spaces where they have free control over the entire filmmaking process (filming, developing and screening). Based on feedback and mutual support, these artist-run collectives help train up-and-coming directors and offer an alternative form of producing and screening films. Over 36 independent film labs from all over the world have linked up to create an international community on the Filmlabs network.


Filmscreening Filmverkstaden

Lasse Vairio – Disaster Movie – 2015
Lasse Vairio – The Frogman – 2013
Dragos Alexandrescu – Farewell – 2012
Dragos Alexandrescu – Exercising Failure – 2013
Britt Kootstra – Tracing Places – 2014
Arvid van der Rijt – Finland in 4 movements – 2013
Andreas Westerberg – The Golden Watch – 2014

Paralell Programme:

Tuesday 17 November, noon – 2 pm
Place: Zumzeig cinema
Independent Film Lab Collectives Symposium

We’ve asked the film labs in the Independent Film Lab Collectives section to come and talk about their experience and ways of working so we can compare and contrast different forms of collective management in artist-run creative spaces.
Participating film labs: MIRE (Nantes, France), Etna (Montreuil, France), Iris Film Collective (Canada), Filmlab Klubvizija SC (Croatia), Filmverkstaden (Finland), MTK (Grenoble, France) and Crater-Lab (Spain).

Wednesday 18 November, 6.30–8 pm
Place: Sala Raval CCCB
Independent Film Labs Collectives Symposium

Roundtable on projects being made in alternative creative spaces set up in response to the imminent disappearance of industrially produced celluloid film. As the film industry has gradually abandoned celluloid, artists and filmmakers have started to see analogue filmmaking as an option that gives them greater creative freedom. We’ll be exploring alternative screening options at festivals and cinemas, cooperative self-management, romanticism and resistance.

SUPER8 Workshop

24.10.2015 10:00 - 18:00 h

@ our projectspace in the Soapfactory, Vaasa

The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Super8. 1965 to 2015 – 50 Years of Super8!!
In an era of crumbling film infrastructures let’s celebrate Super8 and give new power to the spirit of filmmaking with real film!

We are delighted to announce an analogue filmmaking workshop with all-analogue artist filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis aka Cherry Kino! As the chill and blustery autumn nights start to roll in and the sky darkens, the art of cinema beckons… A time to take film into your own hands and make unique and imaginative moving image creations.

The art of double-exposure is about capturing two images on one single frame. In the workshop Martha will share her knowledge on double-exposure Super8 filmmaking. You’ll learn how to load an empty Super8 cartridge with colour reversal film. You are going to do it in total darkness and then you’re ready to shoot the film, re-load and shoot again. The films will be hand-processed in our darkroom and we’ll finish off with a screening of our fresh films!

To book, just send an email


Art..Film..Friday - October FilmFest

23.10.2015 19:00 - 21:00 h

@ Ritz, Vasa
entry 10 e

The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Super8. 1965 to 2015 – 50 Years of Super8!!
A reason to celebrate big time!
We do this by offering you a programme filled with Super8 gems from the 70’s to now.
In an era of crumbling film infrastructures let’s celebrate Super8 and give new power to the spirit of filmmaking with real film!


Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (FIN)
Omena The Apple (1976)

Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (FIN)
Tape Recorder Is A Wonderful Invention (1983)

Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (FIN)
Drive around the World (1981)
Made with the stop-motion technique, Drive Around the World is a satire on contemporary travel neurosis buoyed up by noise from a short-wave radio receiver.

Pasi Sleeping Myllymäki (FIN)
Vedestä nousee ufo (1979)

Vesa Puhakka (FIN)
U (2003)
The starting point for the video is a Super 8 film and a c-cassette tape which were buried underground for a year. The film and the analogue audio tape were exposed to freezing, ground frost, melting and flood together with micro organisms. When joined they form an organic, audiovisual entity.

Juha Mäki-Jussila (FIN)
Private Parking (1995)
The rotation of the globe transforms the winds on the northern hemisphere counter-clockwise, but this is not relevant.

Britt Kootstra (NL/FIN)
Sequence (2013)
Dull, dumb, empty… The sky above belongs to a dead imperfect summer. I look at it as if it were not there. I sleep what I think, I lie down even as I walk, I suffer and feel nothing.

Dragos Alexandrescu (RO/FIN)
Untitled (2012)
The film presents simultaneous two situations in different spaces and time. By juxtaposing, the moving images tend to negate the other’s action and intensify the contrast between their significance.

Lasse Vairio (FIN)
UNDER (a sea cave) (2014)
A journey to a famous sea cave.
But the visitor could easily get lost in the grotto.
The traveler would have to look back in to his own mind…

Anssi Kasitonni (FIN)
Masa (2009)
This prison break story combines animation, puppetry and live action. The parallel worlds and scales collide as Masa, a guinea pig yearning for freedom, and his owner go about implementing their own plans. In his nest, the technologically surprisingly advanced and creative pet plots his convoluted getaway plans, which always run into the impenetrable wall of his owner’s love. This movie features electric gadgets, bodybuilding, Steve McQueen and surprisingly long monologues spoken in guinea pig language.

BREAK ********

Martha Jurksaitis (UK)
Our guest of honour is an all-analogue artist filmmaker and photographer aka Cherry Kino whose early years were spent looking through kaleidoscopes, exploring gardens, and watching films! She works with Super 8 and 16mm film, and a wide variety of analogue photographic formats, and processes it all by hand using alchemical techniques in the dark room.
A collection of Marthas films on Super8 will be shown.

Anssi Kasitonni (FIN)
The Investigators (2007)
This submarine movie that combines sci-fi with love story goes from under the sea to up in the air and onto dry land with an eccentric dramatic logic. The plot turns are unexpected, but obey their own inexorable logic. An unexplained menace shadows a love story conveyed in the midst of specialized technical equipment, blinking lights, various computer monitors and minor laser battle. Unusually, The Investigators stars a real professional actor, the deceased polymath genius Markku Peltola. For his role, Peltola wanted to be paid in bale stakes. His wish was fulfilled.


Installation in the lobby

Arvid van der Rijt (NL/FIN) & Marja Johansson (SE/FIN)
If not now
super8 filmloops


A big thank you to Martha Jurksaitis and AV-arkki.
Curated by Britt Kootstra-Filmverkstaden

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